Using your Strengths

April heralds the end of my teaching weekends and the beginning of me yet again writing elevnty billion words in an attempt to complete this term’s assignments!

This month I wanted to introduce you to a new positive Psychology intervention. This is one of the interventions I used in my assignment before Christmas and has evidence to say that it helps increase wellbeing – and trust me I have read enough academic articles on this for my assignment to know – about nine billion articles in fact (this may be a very slight exageration but it is pretty close to the true number!)

Well anyway, what is not to love? something that has the potential to make you feel good – yes please!

The intervention or exercise involves you finding you your strengths through an easy online psychology quiz and then deliberately using one of your top five strengths in a different way each day for seven days. Easy right?

How to join in…

  1. Hop on over to the VIA website and fill in their quiz, taking note of your top five strengths. For those of you who have done the values exercise with me VIA stands for Values in Action – see if you can see a correlation between your values and your strengths.
  2. Choose which strength you would like to use.
  3. Write a list of things you could do to use that strength in different ways, not sure how? hop over to my Facebook group and post your strength and we can all see if we can give suggestions.
  4. decide when you will begin and then … ACTION! put those ideas into action over 7 days.
  5. Keep us posted with your progress through the Facebook group  and for the Obligers out there (see this blog post for more information)  you can use the group for accountability too.
  6. Enjoy : )


Feel free to email me to ask questions and to let me know how you got on

I would love to hear from you

Love and Magic

Ruth x



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