Leaving January behind and creating rhythms

For me January started slowly, gradually revealing my goals and aspirations and I enter February feeling more focused. I am, however, lacking the structure to make my goals happen. I am feeling the need to place rhythms in my life but I am loath to call them routines in case I ‘rebel’ against them! – See this super short blog post for an explanation

Whilst reading the book – “When – the scientific secrets of perfect timing” by Daniel Pink I explored the rhythms of my day and realised that despite my previous belief that I am ‘not good in the mornings’ it turns out that I am actually most productive first thing in the morning.
Well who knew!
So here I am writing this blog post first thing in the morning, trying out my shiny new rhythm.

When do you work best?
Do you find different times of day good for different tasks?
comment on this post and let me know – I would love to hear from you.

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