February is almost  here and I have returned to university for my second term.
Last term we practiced Positive Psychology Interventions on ourselves for our assignment and I loved doing them! I plan to try different ones out throughout this year too.
But first things first, what are Positive Psychology Interventions??
Positive Psychology Interventions are evidence based practices or exercises that result in positive change, such as increased happiness.
Do you want to try one?

The first Positive Psychology intervention I want to introduce you to is a gratitude intervention.
I tried this intervention out in January. The “three good things in life” intervention involves writing down three things that went well each day with a brief explanation of their causes every night for seven days. There is research evidence to show that there is a lasting positive effect on happiness from completing this intervention. As with every new habit it can be difficult to remember as I found out, forgetting all about it on days 2 and 3 so I set a reminder on my phone to help me remember!

I enjoyed writing down my three good things and I hope you do too : )
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sending love and gratitude

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