Discovering my Values

The biggest revelation I experienced during my coaching training was discovering my Values.

I found that my past decisions made sense and the times in my life that didn’t feel right, where I was dissatisfied became clear.

I could feel myself breath a sigh of relief – I had validation that I was on the right track. I now make decisions that allow me to live to my values and I feel motivated to move towards my new goals.

Don’t get me wrong, life is not all a bed of roses, but what it does mean is that it FEELS right.

How about you? Do you feel off track? Are you feeling lost?

Does something feel out of kilter, but you don’t know why?

Are you finding it hard to make decisions?


Would you like to discover YOUR values?

I am so excited to launch my bite sized package

Find Your Path 1:1 Coaching Package

Cost – £75

This includes

  • A pre-call assessment sent by email
  • A 90-minute call exploring, identifying and ranking your Values
  • A list of questions helping you to reflect on your values and how you can apply them in your life.
  • A 30-minute follow up call

BOOK TODAY  – and see the path before you become clear

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