Astrology and Vision Board Workshop – 24th November 2018

“clarity, plan, refection, peace, excitement for future”


Join us at our next Astrology and Vision Board Workshop

on 24th November 2018

10am – 5pm


we are running it at my log cabin near Llangrannog in West Wales


“fun and insightful workshop, really recommend this to everyone”


✨ So what is an Astrology and Vision Board workshop?✨

A few days before the Workshop Louise sends you highlights from your Natal Chart.
Once at the workshop she explores and expands on your chart, responding to any questions you may have.

Then, with support from Ruth and Louise and using everything you have learnt about yourself, you move on to creating a Vision Board. Capturing your natal chart, your dreams and your goals on your board.

You will leave the Workshop with your Vision Board and a deeper knowledge about yourself and your goals.


“A wonderful & revealing insight that feels very liberating…”


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to Book your place or for more information


Astrology and Vision Board Workshop

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